Sentiments look beautiful, but they perfectly capture your feelings, too.

Quick and Easy Card Ideas for Using Sentiments

Remember when you received a birthday card, a congratulations one (celebrating every possible milestone in your life), a get well soon card, and, well, the list goes on?

When cards became popular forms of communication in the early 1900s, it was easier to let those near and dear to them know about their feelings. They simply picked the perfect sentiment card for the occasion, signed in their name, and sent it.

Today, mass-produced sentiment cards are still popular, but if you’re looking for a way to personalize your cards, here are some comforting card ideas for using sentiments that’ll surely level up your cardmaking game.

Why Make Handmade Cards?

There’s just something so special about receiving handmade cards. Knowing how much time and effort a person has poured into the creation process will tell you how much you mean to them.

By tailoring the card to celebrate or commemorate the event, then going through the whole process of designing it to pique the receiver’s interest, homemade sentiment cards are very touching ways to express one’s love, compassion, or gratitude. 

But it goes both ways! You can be the crafter of the card and feel very happy with the flow, too.

Cardmaking is a wonderful opportunity to practice your talents. 

Through it, you can try out a variety of different approaches to the design and placement of your sentiments. With every creation, you get more confident and ready to take on bolder challenges and more ambitious designs for your following projects.

All of us occasionally need some alone time to unwind, and cardmaking is a perfect activity to do on your own. By concentrating on paper crafting, you can decompress and even feel a sense of accomplishment once you finish.

And, of course, on the practical side, crafting your card is cheaper in the long run. 

Making your own is more enjoyable and can result in long-term financial savings because all the supplies you’ll need—stamps, dies, stencils, embellishments, artist markers, ink, and so much more—can be reused.

Card Stamping Ideas for Using Sentiments

In case you’re unfamiliar, sentiments are words, phrases, or sayings often printed in stencils and dies. You choose one appropriate for the occasion (or one that best sums up how you feel) and use this in your card.

How exactly do you use sentiments? There’s really no hard and fast rule. Crafting is all about making your vision come to life. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are quick and easy card ideas for using sentiments in your project:

  1. Use sentiments as a background

Sentiments are often sold in a sheet—meaning you get one whole piece with as many as 10-15 related words and phrases printed on it.

Using the entire sheet, especially if all these sentiments are applicable, as your card’s background not only saves time, your card’s recipient will undoubtedly take a moment to read every single sentiment, too. 

  1. Adding dimensions with layers

Play with dimensions and depth to elevate the look of your card!

Achieve this unique look by layering sentiments in varying shapes, designs, and fonts. You can even opt to play around with the color wheel to make your card playful and creative.

  1. Make one sentiment your focal point

If you know what you want to say, then say it out loud with one big sentiment!

Sentiments come in various shapes and sizes; using a particularly large one can help you sum up your feelings and create a focal point in your card’s design.

By anchoring your card’s look into one big sentiment, it’s also easy for you to decide the additional imagery you’d want to color in, stamp, or stencil.

Making Your Homemade Cards Stand Out

Sometimes, it gets frustrating when not one card captures the message or thought you wanted to convey. The beauty of making homemade cards is that you get to choose and personalize your sentiments. 

An added benefit? You have the power to make sure yours is a one-of-a-kind card, something worth keeping for ages and ages to come. 

How do you make your homemade cards stand out? We have some tips for you:

  1. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors

Now is the time to play and experiment with colors—go for hues that practically jump off the page!

Sure, you can use dark colors because they do draw attention. But feel free to use wild and bright hues, too. They often go well with the basic deep black, gray, or blue.

  1. Add a little bling

Embellishments improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your card or craft project. 

Because there are a lot of options—glitter, beads, gems, sequins, buttons, enamel dots, stickers—all you have to do is let your imagination go wild.

You can use embellishments to give color or texture to a project that would otherwise be flat or monotone. 

Sometimes we make slight mistakes; using a sequin or a sticker to cover it is a lovely and quick fix.

These lovely items can give dimension, texture, gloss, and sheen to a handmade card or scrapbook page to help you bring to life the design you want!

  1. Explore crafting techniques and stamp ideas

Remember when we said there are no hard and fast rules in paper crafting? Live with that mantra because it’s true.

Every day presents an opportunity to learn new and advanced crafting techniques. 

Stamping will get you a long way, but when coupled with the likes of layering, heat embossing, quilling, folding, and scoring, you get to realize even more impressive card ideas. Never limit yourself—instead, go and gain new crafting skills.

Get Crafty With Sentiments and Stamps!

Using sentiments in your card designs is like hitting two birds with one stone—you get to style your craft in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, plus you can convey your thoughts and well-wishes!

Whether you’re a cardmaking beginner or a seasoned pro, exploring and playing with stamps is always an excellent way to transform your designs. If you need inspiration and tips to craft a card today, check out Experimenting With Fun Mixed Media Card Techniques and Crafty Ways to Use Embellishments to Decorate Your Cards

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