10 Fun Washi Tape Card Making Ideas for Your Next Project

Washi Tape Card Making Ideas: 10 Fun Ways to Jazz Up Your Handmade Cards!

Looking for washi tape card making ideas? Then look no further!

Washi tape isn’t just for sealing envelopes; it’s a versatile crafting essential that can add flair and personality to your cards. Elevate your creations to a whole new level and discover these 10 creative ways to use washi tape to jazz up your handmade cards!

But first…

What Are Washi Tapes?

Washi tapes are essentially cool decorative tapes that you can use for all kinds of creative projects. They’re made from Japanese paper, which gives them this awesome, slightly transparent quality. Think of them like colorful, patterned masking tapes.

They come in tons of different designs and are perfect for adding a pop of personality to anything – from notebooks to crafts, and of course, cardmaking.

Did you know? The name “washi” literally translates to Japanese [‘wa’] paper [‘shi’]. So washi tape is, for all intents and purposes, Japanese paper tape.

10 Fun Washi Tape Card Making Ideas

1. Frame it Up.

Give your cards a stylish border by framing the edges with washi tape. Choose a tape that complements your card’s theme or color scheme, and voila! It’s an instant frame that adds a pop of color and texture.

2. Create Stylish Custom Backgrounds.

Transform plain cardstock into a work of art by creating custom backgrounds with washi tape. Experiment with different tape patterns and layer them to add depth and visual interest. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to turn a simple card into a masterpiece!

10 Fun Washi Tape Card Making Ideas for Your Next Project

3. Dazzle with Decorative Borders.

Take your card edges to the next level by adding decorative borders with washi tape. Whether it’s a scalloped pattern, chevron design, or even a delicate lace effect, washi tape can instantly enhance the overall look of your card.

4. Try Faux Calligraphy.

If your hand-lettering skills are a work in progress, use washi tape to create faux calligraphy. Spell out sentiments or names on your cards using carefully placed strips of tape. It’s a quick and easy way to achieve that elegant calligraphy look without the fuss.

5. Perform Paper Piecing.

Get creative with paper piecing by incorporating washi tape into your designs. Use the tape to create small embellishments, like bows, flowers, or even tiny banners. It adds a touch of whimsy and dimension to your cards.

6. Why Not Washi Windows?

Add a touch of surprise to your cards by creating washi windows. Cut out a shape from your card front, cover the opening with clear acetate, and frame it with washi tape. Fill the window with tiny embellishments or let the inside of the card peek through.

7. Enter Textured Embellishments.

Make your textured embellishments using washi tape. Twist, fold, or scrunch the tape to create unique shapes and designs. These embellishments can be the perfect finishing touch to your card.

10 Fun Washi Tape Card Making Ideas for Your Next Project

8. Make Patterned Envelopes.

Don’t forget about the envelope! Jazz up your plain envelopes by adding strips of washi tape along the edges or creating patterns. It’s a fun way to make the entire package feel special.

9. Create Colorful Card Dividers.

If you’re into interactive cards, use washi tape to create colorful dividers. These dividers can separate different sections of your card, like a hidden message or a surprise element. It adds an element of excitement to your creations.

10. Customize With Washi Words.

Spell out sentiments or create custom messages with washi tape letters. Cut out individual letters or use pre-made letter tapes to add personalized messages to your cards. It’s a playful and eye-catching way to convey your thoughts.

Here Are Some More Tips on How to Use Washi Tape to Decorate Your Cards!

Bonus video: Here’s another unique way of using washi tapes, courtesy of crafter Jaycee Gaspar:

Try These Washi Tape Card Making Ideas Today!

There you have it – 10 creative ways to incorporate washi tape into your cardmaking projects. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild! Grab your washi tape collection, get crafting, and watch as your cards transform into unique works of art. 

Happy crafting!

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